Sunday, April 10, 2011

My exciting week...

This last week has been pretty eventful for me. I went into the ER Sunday night in really bad pain. They sent me home with a diagnosis that I thought was incorrect. They gave me some stuff to take that was supposed to take care of the problem within a few hours. However, I was still in really bad pain all night and the next day. Finally, Monday evening my mom got in touch with my doctor. She told him what they had diagnosed me with. He told her that most likely they were wrong and that I needed to go back in. So we went back and they did another CAT scan and found a kidney stone and some other issues they didn't find on the first scan. They ended up admitting me to that night. So I had a great wonderful week sitting in the hospital.

I came home Friday afternoon but still feel very week and tired. It is next to impossible to get sleep in the hospital. Every time you start to fall asleep they decide they have to come and start poking at you to make sure you're still alive. :-)

This episode has been rather discouraging. The week before this had happened I had just started making plans about attending BBTI in the fall. Now it looks like that may have to be put off for the time being while I hopefully can get me health back on track. I am still hoping to go to Spain this summer though if I am doing well enough. It seems like the devil has really been trying to work and discourage in some big ways over the last six months or so. Even though I know Satan may have his plans, God also has His and is trying to accomplish something through all of this. I know that they Lord's timing in everything is best and has a reason for closing the door to this right now.


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