Monday, February 22, 2010


If I were a month... I'd be June because it's the month I was born, the flowers are blooming and it's not cold.

If I were a day of the week... I'd be Monday because it's my day off to relax and do what I want.

If I were a time of day... I'd be 8:00 pm because I am usually in my room reading or on the computer or sometimes sewing if I'm not tired.

If I were a sea animal... I'd be a dolphin because they are graceful and friendly.

If I were a direction... I'd be south, because I'm a rebel (the south was right) and its warm there!

If I were a piece of furniture... I'd be a china cabinet filled with pretty antique dishes.

If I were a liquid... I'd be tea.

If I were a gemstone... I'd be pearl. 

If I were a tree... I'd be a pink dogwood.

If I were a tool... I'd be a paintbrush.

If I were a flower... I'd be a rose.

If I were a kind of weather... I'd be sunny with a slight breeze.

If I were a musical instrument... I'd be a violin.

If I were a color... I'd be lavender.

If I were an emotion... I'd be joy.

If I were a fruit... I'd be a strawberry, sweet and pretty! :)

If I were a sound... I'd be a light gently breeze on a spring day rustling the trees.

If I were an element...I'd be white gold.

If I were a car... I'd be a light purple mustang with white racing stripes

If I were a food... I'd be filet mignon and shrimp

If I were a place... I'd be Kota Kinabulu.

If I were a material... I'd be satin.

If I were a taste... I'd be chocolate.

If I were a scent... I'd be fresh cut lilacs.

If I were an object... I'd be a tea pot filled full so that I could pour out into the lives of others.

If I were a song... I'd be "Nearer, Still Nearer."

If I were a pair of shoes... I'd be sandals, a pretty pair that don't make your feet sore.

If I were a piece of jewelry... I'd be an engagement ring, one that stands for true love.

If I were a year I'd be...2010, putting the past behind and looking forward to what God is going to do in and through my life this year!
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