Sunday, October 16, 2011

Of Life, Teaching and Other Such Things...

Life has been keeping me extremely busy the last couple of months since my return from Spain. I am well into my second month of teaching. This year I started teaching at another school along with the one I have been teaching at previously. Altogether I have over 40 students - talk about crazy! At the new school I am teaching two different music classes along with several private students. This has been a new learning experience but I am glad for the opportunity. I had been wanting to get more classroom experience. It is amazing how the Lord opens up doors we don't even have to go looking for. 

Along with teaching three days a week, I am working for my dad two days. This gives me a very busy work schedule. The fun part is trying to keep three different jobs straight. I am afraid this isn't so great for my sanity, but at least I am learning how to juggle in the process. 

Last month, my mom and I started a ladies ministry in our home. We are meeting once a month for a meal, devotional and games. Each month we are having a different theme. Last month, we had a tea party theme and I gave the devotional (which I plan to post at some point here). Tomorrow night is our next meeting. Hopefully, I shall be able to get some pictures to post on here. Yesterday, we spent most of the day preparing and getting our house decorated for fall. I must say I am really enjoying this lovely fall weather and the changing of leaves!

God is Good all the time.
All the time...God is good!
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