Saturday, July 9, 2011

Invitation Distrubition on Saturday

 Saturday we went out to distribute invitations for the meetings this week with Evangelist, Ken Lynch. A total of 4,000 invitations were passed out. Not all of these were passed out on Saturday. I believe a group had gone out the Saturday before as well.

Tonight is the second night of the meetings. Brother Lynch plays the violin and I have been accompanying him on the piano. Last night we has several visitors. It is amazing how much work goes into one precious soul being saved here. I am challenged by the dedication of missionaries who stay on a field like this where they labor for years with little results. 

The people here have a form of religion but they have denied the power thereof. They have missed the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is so sad to see people working in attempts to save their souls.
 Two men reading the invitation we gave them
Rosie in one of the apartment buildings. Here it is legal to put literature in people's mailboxes.
Taking a moment to stop and smell the pastries. Spain's pastries are the best!
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