Friday, May 8, 2009


It is so hard to believe that in five days I will be graduated. Finally! It seems like it has taken forever. I am so thankfully for all the Lord has taught me over these last several years. I am looking forward to serving Him with what He has given me.

I am also very excited to be having family and friends coming to visit for graduation. Mom is planning a big party for me on Saturday, which will be fun. Hopefully, it will not rain. Then it really will be fun trying to cram 70-100 people in our house. Charity and I are planning to take the Bukers (the missionaries to Spain, I did my internship with) to Washington on the Monday after graduation. The scary part is that is where my plans end, Monday night. I am still uncertain about what God has for me over the next years of my life. Right now, He is teaching me to just wait and trust on Him. It is hard to remember that God is never late, He always runs right on schedule. :)
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