Friday, September 4, 2009

An Update...

Life has been crazy busy like usual. I try very hard not keep such a busy schedule, but alas that fails. This last week especially has been quite crazy.

On Sunday, I went out to lunch with most of the girls from our "Young Adults" Sunday school class and several other people. We had a good time until they kicked us out of the restaurant for staying too long. We really weren't there that long. They just wanted their tables free. Oh well. So, we went outside and hung out in front of the restaurant. We think that we probably scared some people away, because we made it look like there was a really long line to get in.

After lunch, I went over a friend's house with another girl. We had some great discussions. I have started discipling both of these girls on Wednesday nights before church. This past week was our first time. It went really great! They both have very teachable hearts and are great to work with. You can pray that the Lord gives me wisdom as I am doing this. We are going through a 26 week discipleship course.

The last several days, I have spent trying to get all the details worked out so that I can start teaching next week. There are still some things to work out, but at least I am able to get started with a full schedule on Tuesday. I am hoping some more students will sign up so I can completely fill up Thursday, as well.

I have also started playing the piano for one church service each week, plus some other things. I have decided to continue taking lessons, so I am keeping busy with lots of practicing. Sometimes it gets a little overwhelming, but I am glad to have the accountability to keep practicing.

Time to go to bed! Goodnight!
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