Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Time Management

I haven't shared much about what I learned at the conference yet. I thought I would share about one of the sessions which I have been working on applying in my life.

One of the sessions that has made a difference in my life was on time management by Jeremy Rands. What he shared wasn't really profound, it was just something that I needed some encouragement and motivation to apply to my life. He emphasized the importance of having a schedule and just being organized with how you use your time by good planning.

I used to be fairly good with this but have been slipping in this area more recently. As a result, I have been wasting a lot of time. Then things don't get accomplished that need to be done and the frustrations and stress begin to mount. Ever been there?

I have tried in times past to go by a detailed schedule everyday but have found that this just doesn't work for me. So, the first step I have taken is to just stick to going to bed at a certain time and getting up at a specified time. This has helped me to be well rested and also to get a good start on my day with spending a good amount of time with the Lord. It is amazing how much better the day goes when it gets off to the right start.

I have found the best way to get the things accomplished that I need to is by making a list and then set an amount of time to accomplish it in. I have also been trying to use up small amounts of time that usually go wasted. I am also working on getting my areas of the house better organized and working to keep them that way. I have decided that even if I am in a hurry, in the long run it saves time if I put things away instead of leaving it out to do later.

One thing Bro. Rands also mentioned is that sometimes it is the spiritual thing to say no to people. It is not God's desire that we live overwhelmed lives, constantly under stress and pressure. One thing my pastor said in his sermon on Sunday was that sometimes we may need to seem standoffish just to be sure that we are keeping God in His proper place. We have to keep things in the right priorities and our relationship with our Lord must be placed above all else.

"If you are too busy, hectic, and overwhelmed, you are not effectively ministering to people."

"The purpose to being organized is living a life that glorifies and honors God and helps others to do the same."
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